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Free 15 Minute Consultation

I understand the importance of finding the right therapist for you, who you feel comfortable with. Therefore, before making any commitment to treatment I offer a free 15 minute consultation via telephone or video to briefly explore the difficulties you are seeking support with and your main goals for therapy.


This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and to ensure we are happy to proceed. If I believe an alternative approach or service may be more suitable for you then I will make recommendations of alternative support.

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, then please get in touch so we can agree a convenient time.

CBT Assessment

The CBT Assessment involves me asking a number of questions to understand the main difficulties which you are experiencing, how they have developed and how they are having an impact on you day to day. This will include acknowledging your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavioural responses to different situations. This is to support you to have a greater understanding of yourself and learn how the problems are being maintained. I will ask you questions about your current circumstances, goals and expectations for therapy. The assessment allows us to consider a focus for therapy and explore how CBT could be beneficial for you.  This is to make sure that CBT is the right approach for you and to check you feel comfortable in moving forward with myself as your therapist.

SCREEN RES Katherine Warburton CBT-137.jpg
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SCREEN RES Katherine Warburton CBT-176.jpg

CBT Treatment

During your treatment sessions we will work together to talk about your difficulties and how you have been feeling over the previous week. These are collaborative sessions where we will agree on tasks together to try both in and outside of the therapy session in order to improve how you are feeling. For CBT to be effective it relies on home practice and giving things a try. There's always valuable learning from anything which you give a go and I will be here to support you at every stage.

I am both compassionate and pragmatic in sessions with you and will work with you at a pace that suits you. Ultimately I want you to get the most out of each session and always welcome any feedback along the way.

These sessions are usually weekly or fortnightly. Some people like to have monthly top up sessions as a way of checking in with their progress too. I work flexibly and can tailor sessions to you.

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