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Video Therapy

Since March 2020 like many of you, I have faced some big changes to my working life. This completely changed my practice and how I delivered therapy was transformed overnight. I had my own reservations to start with, however I have found working completely online with my clients to have so many advantages!  It has been proven to be just as effective as face to face sessions with a whole host of additional benefits! If you're considering therapy, however have reservations about if video therapy is right for you, have a read on to learn about how it could benefit you. 


Opening up and talking about how we feel can be daunting to say the least. It can be the little things which make the difference. So having therapy from the comfort of your own home where you're most comfortable may be just for you! 


Are you concerned about bumping into anyone while at a therapy location or have people who may ask questions about where you are? Online therapy offers a comforting sense of privacy and you can do this where you feel most comfortable.


There are numerous barriers in accessing face to face therapy such as living in a rural location or not having appropriate transport. Distance and location will no longer be a barrier and at the click of a button you're ready to start your session.


By having therapy online you will be saving money on travelling to your therapy location, alongside any other travel or parking costs. Prioritising your wellbeing is a valuable investment to make so reducing any non-essential costs such as this means more money back for yourself.


Our lives can be busy and hectic with work, home and family commitments. Finding 'me time' might be feeling very difficult. Online therapy works well in fitting around your schedule and has a minimal impact on the precious time in your day. 


Having therapy online provides an opportunity for you to show your home environment, which can be useful when in treatment for me to have a greater understanding of your personal situation. This goes both ways and my dogs sometimes pop up on screen to say hello too. 


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